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From game creator, Glen Dahlgren, and Legend (tm) Entertainment, comes the visualization of the Sundered Realms and their inhabitants: Sartan, Patryn, Elves, Humans and Dwarves. Find your favorite world or character and bring the Death Gate universe to life with sight and sound. 

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  1. The Main Characters
  2. World Maps and Settings
Begin your multimedia excursion with an introduction and description of the CD-ROM game.

The Main Characters
Haplo Xar Sang-Drax Zifnab
Haplo .... Xar .... Sang-Drax .... Zifnab


    Haplo, the Patryn
    The hero...whether he likes it or not! Hear Haplo's rage as he finally meets his
    enemy, the Sartan. (JPEG image,15 K; u-law sound file, 83 K)
    Lord of the Nexus, Xar
    Haplo's master and the first to defeat the Labyrinth. Listen as he informs Haplo of his plan. (JPEG image, 19 K; u-law sound file,154 K)
    The Evil Sang-Drax
    Sang-Drax, Leader of the evil Dragon-Snakes. Hear his gloating as he
    encounters Haplo in the Sundered Realms. (JPEG image, 48 K; u-law sound file, 58 K)
    Zifnab, the Magician
    The lovably confused Zifnab...Magician or Secret Agent? Listen as he babbles to Haplo. (JPEG image, 45 K; u-law sound file, 72 K)

World Maps and Settings
Map Arianus Map Pryan Map Abarrach Map Chelestra

  Labyrinth Gate Citadel Chalice Vortex

  Labyrinth's Last Gate     ...Citadel      ...Chalice      ...Encounter at the Vortex

  • Arianus, World of Air/Sky. Look here for a realm description. (JPEG image, 67 K)
  • Pryan, World of Fire. Look here for a realm description. (JPEG image, 121 K)
  • Abarrach, World of Stone. Look here for a realm description. (JPEG image, 74 K)
  • Chelestra, World of Water/Sea. Look here for a realm description. (JPEG image, 52 K)
  • Labyrinth's Last Gate. Look here for a realm description. (JPEG image, 41 K)
  • The Citadel, on Pryan. The Tytans are at work at their intended stations. (JPEG image, 51 K)
  • Chalice, on Chelestra. Sartan Home Base safe under a spell dome. (JPEG image, 45 K)
  • The Vortex. It seems Sang-Drax got a little too close to the edge! (JPEG image, 17 K)

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