Dee's Death Gate Cycle Tribute

Welcome! Hurry now, the tour is about to begin. Come and experience the worlds and people of the Sundered Realms as envisioned by authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

"Scenic Vistas" in Dee's Death Gate Cycle Series Tour!

  1. Sundered Realms Fantasy Tour ............Note: Several In-Line Images
  2. Death Gate Universe Sight & Sound ............Note: Several In-Line Images
  3. Meet Margaret Weis
  4. Other Sci-Fi/Fantasy Resources
  5. Your Humble Tour Guide
Sundered Realms Fantasy Tour

Come take an excursion into the worlds created by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman in their best-selling fantasy series, the Death Gate Cycle. Get a glimpse of the story lines of each of the seven volumes and view the extraordinary book cover art.


Death Gate Universe Sight & Sound

Want to experience the novels' settings? Perhaps view or hear the main characters? Then get a taste of Legend Entertainment's CD-ROM game, Death Gate, based on this Weis-and-Hickman fantasy series.


Meet Margaret Weis

Meet one of the authors who has made the Sundered Realms seem a reality...Margaret Weis. Read her biography and learn of her past works and current/future projects.


Other Sci-Fi/Fantasy Resources

Follow links to various review/interview sites, Tor and Del Rey publisher home pages, role-playing game sites, and more!


Your Humble Tour Guide

Who is this "Dee" anyway? Get some background info about your Death Gate Tour Guide. Comments about this page, the series in general or corrections and additions to the links presented here are welcome.


A Note of Thanks